To BE or not TO BE?

Ethics and integrity are part of your moral judgments about right and wrong. All of us, from employee to top manager, are confronted with moral decision making in the course of our lives. Recent scandals, such as VW’s Diesel Gate, show how unethical behaviour may harm a carefully built reputation of organisations. To create a […]

Mind Matters

Mind Matters Mastering the art of influencing is key in leadership. There is no single recipe for influencing. Successful leaders adapt their influence tactics depending on the situation to change the goals, behaviours, opinions, attitudes and ultimately behaviours of people. Judging situations and deciding which influence tactic to use is crucial. Without influence, leadership does […]


Dilemma Today’s organizations recognize the fact that leadership is a shared responsibility. It is not confined to the walls of a boardroom but manifests itself throughout all divisions of the enterprise. And make no mistake! Only few are natural born leaders. The good news is: There is a way to unlock the full leadership potential […]


TXchange ‘Game-based Learning Solutions: unleash the leadership potential of your organization’ We provide playful and realistic game-based learning solutions. Discover our game modules for developing leadership skills of your employees in an engaging, effective and efficient way. <Get a free demo>. Why game-based learning?   Without motivation learning does not occur! Our games encourage and […]

TXchange opens office in ‘the Garden’

TXchange opens their offices in ‘the Garden’; a new facility on the High Tech Systems Park (HTSP) in Hengelo, Twente, Netherlands. Starting point in the development of ‘the Garden’ building are meeting, inspiration en innovation to stimulate innovative businesses, growth and knowledge exchange. Take a virtual tour in ‘the Garden’ on TXchange new address: […]

Serious games voor professionalisering

DATA2GAME, EEN SERIOUS GAMING PROJECT UIT EEN SAMENWERKINGSVERBAND TUSSEN DE UNIVERSITEIT TWENTE, THALES/T-XCHANGE, BRANDWEER TWENTE EN TILBURG UNIVERSITY, KRIJGT FINANCIERING VAN NWO. Wetenschapsfinancier NWO honoreerde binnen de recente ronde ‘Human Capital: Professional Games for Professional Skills’ vier onderzoeksaanvragen naar het leren van professionele vaardigheden door serious gaming. Een van de gehonoreerde aanvragen is Data2Game. Het project […]