Ethics and integrity are part of your moral judgments about right and wrong. All of us, from employee to top manager, are confronted with moral decision making in the course of our lives. Recent scandals, such as VW’s Diesel Gate, show how unethical behaviour may harm a carefully built reputation of organisations. To create a corporate ethically responsible culture, it is therefore crucial to train people on a regular basis. The “To BE or not to BE?” Game is designed to train people in moral judgment and decision making in a way that is both engaging and effective.

Target group
This game is intended for professionals in the high-tech industry (OEMs and their suppliers in sectors such as defence, energy, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, transportation) who wish to be trained in business ethics and corporate responsibility. The game has been designed as a single player game but can also be played in pairs.

Learning objectives
The learning objectives of this game are to:
• Become aware of the scope and importance of business ethics;
• Be able to (better) recognize the moral dimensions of everyday business decisions;
• Develop an understanding of one’s own moral compass and strategies to deal with moral dilemmas.

The game typically takes around 30 minutes to play and around 10 minutes longer if played in pairs.

Game scenario
The game scenario focuses on ethical dilemmas in international bid/ sales processes. The scenario will therefore be recognizable for many professionals, such as bid managers, capture team leaders, purchase managers, legal councils, business advisors, key account managers, business developers, financial managers, line managers.

How does it work?
Trainees play a sales manager who has to resolve a plethora of business dilemmas. On your computer screen the story will unfold in real time, as a result of the decisions you make. This learning by doing approach allows the trainee to raise self-awareness as a decision maker. After playing the game trainees will receive objective feedback on how they tend to deal with moral dilemmas. Do they adhere to rules and regulations? Do they take multiple perspectives into account when resolving the dilemmas? This information helps them to reflect on their leadership behaviour and put them in an excellent position to improve.

What is needed?
The “To BE or not to BE?” Game is delivered as a SCORM enabled game to be integrated into your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS). It requires a Flash-enabled web browser and is optimized for pc’s and laptops.

What we offerWe offer the following services:
• Game-based E-learning Module that can be published on your LMS
• Game Manual describing how to optimally use the game for informal and formal training sessions