TXchange is a Thales Group company with over a decade experience in developing scientifically grounded simulation games for public and private organizations. We strongly believe in the power of game-based simulation to develop people and build better organizations. Our game modules provide your employees with a web based, objective and safe experimentation environment for developing leadership skills.

Learning content with the right balance between fun and learning
Higher retention rate compared to classic classroom training and e-learning
Short (hours instead of days) and to the point game scenarios
Easy to use
Online access without installing additional software


How does it work?

Improving the leadership potential of your organization starts with creating awareness about the way employees gather, judge and use information to manage complex situations. Our game-based learning modules provide an engaging simulation environment where employees can safely explore the inner workings of these judgment and decision-making processes. On the computer screen the story will unfold in real time as a result of the decisions they make. This learning-by-doing approach allows employees to raise awareness about themselves as a decision-maker. This in turn puts them in an excellent position to adapt and improve their leadership skills.


Our game modules

We design our game modules in close cooperation with domain experts and leading scholars in the field of leadership development. All our games are first extensively tested within Thales before being distributed to our customers. Currently we offer 3 ready-to-use products.

To BE or not to BE

To create an ethically responsible corporate culture, it is crucial to train people on a regular basis in moral leadership. ‘TO BE or not TO BE’ trains your employees in making a moral or ethical evaluation and resolving ethical dilemmas in a way that is both engaging and effective.

Mind Matters

Mastering the art of influencing is key in leadership. Successful leaders adapt their leadership style to influence the goals, behaviours, opinions, and attitudes of others. Judging situations and deciding which influence tactic to use is crucial. Employees learn how to effectively use soft and hard influence tactics.


Today’s organizations recognize the fact that leadership is a shared responsibility. It is not confined to the walls of a boardroom but manifests itself throughout all divisions of the enterprise. And make no mistake! Only few are natural born leaders. The good news is: There is a way to unlock the full leadership potential of your organization.

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