Today’s organizations recognize the fact that leadership is a shared responsibility. It is not confined to the walls of a boardroom but manifests itself throughout all divisions of the enterprise. And make no mistake! Only few are natural born leaders. The good news is: There is a way to unlock the full leadership potential of your organization. It is called the Dilemma Game!


Target Group.

The Dilemma Game is designed for professionals working in public and private organizations with a training need in leadership, judgement and decision making.

The learning objective of the Dilemma Game is to make trainees aware of their leadership style in dealing with complex and time critical decision-making situations.


How does it work?

The Dilemma Game offers trainees a powerful and personalized learning space. The game simulates decision making using a narrative context. The decision-making situations are presented as dilemmas tailored to the leadership issues of your organization. On your computer screen the story will unfold in real time, as a result of the decisions made.

This learning-by-doing approach allows trainees to raise self-awareness as a decision maker. This in turn puts them in an excellent position to adapt and improve. After playing the game they receive objective feedback on their decision-making style.


What we offer

The Dilemma Game is delivered as a SCORM enabled game to be integrated into your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS). It requires a Flash-enabled web browser and is optimized for pc’s and laptops.


Game scenario development

Guided development of Dilemma Game scenarios that can be published on your LMS. after developing the first scenario together you are able to independently construct new game scenarios.


Authoring tool

An easy to learn and use authoring tool allows you to construct your own game scenarios based on the Dilemma format and pre-designed graphical assets.


Game service

24/7 access to play the game in an online learning portal that only the customer can access


Help-desk support

We offer helpdesk support for Customer’s system administrators and trainers in case of calamities



Train-the-trainer: training on how to optimally use a Dilemma game to facilitate training sessions


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