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TXchange is attending at a lot of upcoming events in the near future. Check out the schedule below where you can meet us. Want to make an appointment? Fill out the contact form below. ATD European Summit Date: 8 – 9 October Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Website: https://events.td.org/European-Summit EuroNaval Date: 23-26 October Location: Paris, France Website: https://www.euronaval.fr/7-exhibitors […]

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Game-based Learning Solutions: unleash the leadership potential of your organization We provide playful and realistic game-based learning solutions. Discover our game modules for developing leadership skills of your employees in an engaging, effective and efficient way. Contact us – 2007 – TXchange has been founded.   – 2010 – Text insert here. | | | […]

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Serious games worden steeds vaker ingezet voor het ontwikkelen van kennis en vaardigheden van medewerkers. Hoe werken de games? Waarvoor kunt u ze inzetten? En wat leveren ze op? Wilt u weten wat onze serious games uw bedrijf kunnen bieden? Maak geheel vrijblijvend een afspraak met één van onze medewerkers op stand 38 op de […]

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TXchange, gevestigd aan High Tech Systems Park – Gebouw N, Haaksbergerstraat 67, 7554 PA Hengelo, is verantwoordelijk voor de verwerking van persoonsgegevens zoals weergegeven in deze privacyverklaring. Contactgegevens Website: www.txchange.nl High Tech Systems Park – Gebouw N Haaksbergerstraat 67 7554 PA  HENGELO Tel: +31 (0)85 5360004 Silvia Woolderink is de Functionaris Gegevensbescherming van TXchange.  Zij is te […]

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The art of influencing Mastering the art of influencing is key in leadership. There is no single recipe for influencing. Successful leaders adapt their influence tactics depending on the situation to change the goals, behaviours, opinions, attitudes and ultimately behaviours of people. Judging situations and deciding which influence tactic to use is crucial. Without influence, […]

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Dilemma Today’s organizations recognize the fact that leadership is a shared responsibility. It is not confined to the walls of a boardroom but manifests itself throughout all divisions of the enterprise. And make no mistake! Only few are natural born leaders. The good news is: There is a way to unlock the full leadership potential […]

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Technical Requirements: To use our games we recommend the following technical requirements: General: a recent computer an internet connection of at least 10Mbit; a current Javascript enabled browser the Latest flash version Specific: Mind Matters Flash version: 29