12th HR Minds L&D Forum Athens

The rise of automation is a big challenge for the L&D professionals who must redesign their education programs and prepare employees for new sets of skills and capabilities. The learning landscape is being transformed. It’s not just the delivery of learning that has been transforming – it’s also learning design, perceptions and expectations of learning. […]

SimFish – Serious game for Aquaculture

Key-words: active learning; games; blended learning; ICT enhanced education; interdisciplinarity; problem-based learning; research-based education; role-playing games; simulations; student-centered teaching and learning; quintuple helix of innovation. Creative solutions to the increasingly complex problems of the world require the intersection of diverse expertise, thus, interdisciplinarity has become a major topic in academic and policy oriented discourse on knowledge […]

Post-doc Game Based learning

POST-DOC GAME BASED LEARNING: ONLINE, UNOBTRUSIVE ASSESSMENT OF COMPETENCY. FUNCTIEOMSCHRIJVING Games can be effective tools for learning as measured by independent tests. The assessment of knowledge and competency/skill can, however, also directly take place on the basis of the game performance itself. This use of game performance as indicator of student proficiency is regarded as […]

TXchange opens office

TXchange opens their offices in ‘the Garden’; a new facility on the High Tech Systems Park (HTSP) in Hengelo, Twente, Netherlands. Starting point in the development of ‘the Garden’ building are meeting, inspiration en innovation to stimulate innovative businesses, growth and knowledge exchange. Take a virtual tour in ‘the Garden’ on www.gebouw-n.nl TXchange new address: […]

Games Can Make You a Better Strategist

Very interesting article in Harvard Business Review. “If HBR has published this, then the fields of gamification, serious games, and simulations must be legitimate….really! Find the article here.   Games Can Make You a Better Strategist Martin Reeves Georg Wittenburg SEPTEMBER 07, 2015 Play has long infused the language of business: we talk of players, moves, […]