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Ready to unlock the full COMPETENCES and SKILLS of your organisation? Then bring these board games to the board room.

What do we do to prepare ourselves when it really matters in big organizations? How often do we gather the team for a training or warm-up session before launching a new strategy or implementing a strategic change project? In most organizations it rarely or never happens.

Lack of team preparation and change management training is one of the reasons why most companies struggle when it comes to organizational change.

A growing number of companies are inspired by board games to accelerate the organization’s ability to learn and adapt to change. This trend is especially accelerating where business leaders are using this approach to gain an advantage on their competitors. The companies use the simulations as a training ground, where leadership skills, business understanding and key strategies can be tested and fine-tuned before implementation in real life.

Board game based leadership simulations offer a highly efficient way to facilitate a “training environment” where team alignment and performance can be improved.

It is about elevating the organizational change capability with a focus on “just in time training” instead of the traditional “just in case” approach to leadership development.Browse through several board games that can be used for training various competences and skills based on a realistic scenario or use case. We offer these multi-player games for training purposes, including a train-the-trainer course.

Towards a comprehensive approach

The objective is to learn that the sum is greater than its individual parts. Four different holders of various stakes try individually and collectively to change the world for the better. During the game you experience the added value of supporting one another. The game scenario is about the comprehensive approach directed to military and civil coalitions and collaboration in humanitarian crisis situations.

This game won the MOD R&D Innovation Award in 2009.

Coalition of the willing & Planning new initiatives

For this learning purpose two board games are available. The objective of the first is to understand each stakeholder perspective in forming coalitions. Moving hotspots are becoming stable once there is agreement and a shared understanding and a common goal. The second game further defines the goal: who is doing what and when. The current game scenario dives in the world of slums.

Building towards customer intimicy

Understanding your customer and build up a trustful relation in an effort to really understand their needs and wants is the objective of this game. You delve in the world of maintenance, services, and logistics.

This game won the DI-WCM maintenance award in 2013.

Change management

This game touches upon important aspects regarding change processes. For example, preventing/overcoming deadlocks, co-create solutions, and provide insight in reasoning of other stakeholders. The game scenario is in the domain of air traffic managment.

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Cost estimation

Cost estimation is a tricky and detailed process for most organisations. Playing this game gives you a global estimate of costs in a very short time.

Wideband Delphi the estimation game

Business modelling

This game combines technology roadmapping, scenario thinking and business modelling into one game.

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